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Avalanche Price Statistics
AVAX Price: 34.12 $
24h Low: 32.23 $
24h High: 35.36 $
Avalanche Details
Website: avax.network
Blockchain: Blockchain Explorer
Symbol: AVAX
Name: Avalanche

What Is Avalanche

DeFi is rapidly growing beyond the limits of one chain. Avalanche is fully compatible with Ethereum assets, apps, and tooling with faster speeds, higher throughput, and lower fees.

Avalanche is the best verifiable platform for institutions, enterprises, and governments. Launch assets, build applications, and create subnets with complete control over your implementation with compliance, data security, and other rulesets built into the foundation.

Mint your own NFTs in seconds for fees less than a cent. Digitally prove ownership, and streamline value flow. Create and share art, collectibles, and more with all the benefits and none of the downside.